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Geno Flash // DMT​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​-​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​879

by Sheriff Mario RPG

Dying For someone to talk to up here You know Things are not as they appear Green light Blinking its way through my brain It's not so easy To forgive and forget Is this the feeling One can have of regret? Why can't I mend you? Why won't you speak? The thing I go for Is not what you seek And should I come down What will I face? The world has left me Up here in space And should I touch down Who would embrace?
The Ride 03:51
Welcome to my day I can feel your presence In the midst of my cocoon Now, don't be shy Welcome to the ride Welcome to the ride It's what I've become It's all I've won Please enjoy your stay I hope you don't expect too much of me In the far corner Now, don't you cry Welcome to the ride Welcome to the ride It's what I've become
Construct 04:49
They say I have a price to pay But I didn't buy As the crowd blocks out my only way I wonder why I hear a voice and it calls my name And I'm lookin' round just to get away And a hand clutches my wrist and pulls me Deeper in Angel You are above me I'm looking down the road at irony He sees me He's trying not to laugh Then, he's gone Another moment passed As I return to consciousness I am lifted high As the fingers curl and the tensions swirl I start to cry An animal made to spread me thin A fate so strong it'll do me in I brace myself as sunlight fades And night begins Devil You are below me I'm looking up the path of history In his hand One of a deadly craft I drop the ball Another moment passed Fear me You are nothing I'm burnin' out Runnin' on those unseen Believe you me You are a deadly catch But now our time's Another moment passed
Just a mile up the street There's a man you can meet If you do He will surely paralyze You can try all you can To amuse and befriend But his answer Lies behind those eyes Turn around and he's gone But it won't be long 'Til he's in Your bedroom every night Just comply and defend All you can do is mend The layout Of this tragic sight With a crack of the whip Kept secure at the hip He'll consume The light of every day If a picture should fall To the floor from the wall You'll understand The price to pay If you step out of line Or assume to confine There's a mess That you'll be turned to sway Just remember the rule Just remember the school Of thought you Found out what to say
Tug on the wire Starting a fire Let it unwind And see what you find Breathe in the air Notice the stare The chill down your spine As you pull the line All in a day Wash it away It's getting late And now we must wait This game that we play This constant relay It's tearing my soul I'm losing control I am the one The prodigal son I live in your heart To break you apart I see how it is Two lonely young kids Divided by state It's disguised as fate You welcome me in I'm feeling the grin A tale of one's king Is what the storms bring Met in the rain For personal gain What we didn't know The rain's turned to snow I'm calling your name And feeling no shame Beautiful lull Deep inside the skull I'm feeling it's right But I have no fight To finish this verse I'm feeling this curse Of not knowing you Yet I'm knowing you Should this even be You're talking to me I know that it's time To let it unwind Let's see what I find When I pull the line
If only you knew Everything I would do for you Hold you close so you can't see The grin on my face I have for you and me I came so near and now I'm gone The parody our friendships are I felt your finger down my rib The way you said this was a fib "I've wanted to do that for years" You've reinforced all my fears I didn't realize when we kissed That it's a feeling I had missed I need I need I need I need Where we were You don't concur I came so near and now I'm gone The parody the way you looked me on I felt your finger on my waist But now I see it's just a waste "I've wanted you for so damn long" Have you forgotten How I rushed to your side What you deserve is coming soon Now I've no one to confide And as the view goes out Of that wretched place that Iies down south Now I know I will not return New Port Richey is just where I burn
Without You 03:03
Where can I lay? Where can I lay? On top of the world You look down on everyone Why can't you accept this? Why can't you let this be? Why can't you let me be? Why can't you let me be? Where would I be without you? Why can't I go to sleep Without feeling guilty?
Appetizer 04:00
Right here You left me sleeping Hold on My heart's awake I hear It's strumming softly Drowning The sound of day I smell The appetizer Feeling My stomach quake I know That you're the one to Make all My problems break And you're in the way And you're in the way Hold on It has stopped moving Hold on I'm gonna choke I need A little breather I need A little smoke And when The elders ask me All that I have not learned I will Proclaim it proudly I had My bridges burned And you're in the way Yes you're in the way
I'm stuck in a phase And I'm losing my heart The subtlety twists And I'm playing the part The reality is clear And I realize The holes in your story Now apologize You think you ensnare In assortment of words You think I'm too frail But I'll bury you first I hang on your word Like a kid with a ball It's making me sick And I can't let it fall Oh, where can it go? I'm in the road That always leads Right back to you In some form You always learn My every secret Casualty Feeding on naivety Always a step ahead of me And you think you've got All your bases have been left free Do not overtake And don't ever mistake That which you've come to be Don't you mistake it Oh, where can it go? I'm in the road That always leads Right back to you In some form You always learn My every secret Casualty I'll fall apart I'll fall apart
Hymn 03:16
I'm running out of ideas I don't quite know if we'll make For all the years we said We'd make it through And all the hurt You put me through You couldn't give me what I wanted When we were friends What could I gain from you now? You have him And not me Go with him Set me free It's over, it's over There's nothing you can do It's over, it's over Just let me go to sleep




released May 28, 2020

#47: Sheriff Mario RPG

it's time to unleash the old vox. Standby for songs recorded by my 18-19 year old self, during my slowcore/noise pop/bedroomgaze days of living in Tallahassee between 2010 and 2011.

i wanted to be a songwriter so bad, at the expense of my credibility otherwise. It is clear that I knew less about recording in 2010 than any other time, though by 2020 I feel like I couldn't even make stuff like this with how much I forgot. Hope you like my lo-fi younger days

these are the kinds of songs a kid who grew up on pop punk for ten years would write and record with zero musical talent and somehow even less recording knowhow. They are as novice as the kid who just plugged his amp in for the first time; thank you to those who appreciate these songs.

all songs written by me with exception to the two covers by The Cure and Red House Painters respectively. All composition made in FL Studio and all lyrics written personally


all rights reserved



DMT Tapes FL Florida

I owe everything that you see on this page to Jesus Christ for bringing me to the Father and to the Holy Spirit.

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