awaken, mandala, let's stir it up
honeycomb bomb mass hysteria
open third eye, don't even make sound
welcome to the promise land, alright!
awaken your dreams from Iberia
opened this hole now i bury it
you wanna be high, though your feet in the ground
let me take you to the sky, alright!

they calling it dreams, we don't wanna be asleep
places in mind they don't want you to see
awaken the stars in the sky of your will

oh, mandala...


from aquærium // DMT​​​-​​​572, released July 30, 2018


all rights reserved



DMT Tapes FL Port Richey, Florida

Vaporwave scene constituent, 2014-2019 (ongoing). New LPs/EPs each week. DIGITALLY EXCLUSIVE

ALL music uploaded here is free/NYOP & ALL remixes/sampling found here is done for non-commercial entertainment only.

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