It started with the one...
Given at the worst of times

It felt just like the end
It felt like a pool of lies
And I know now
That it's not true
When I showed you
When I thought it would not last
You gave me hope to pass

And it's coming down
Like a train
And it's firing down
On my brain

The world goes down
and 'round and 'round

Now I'm no stranger to
The feeling of epiphany
The song unfolds and I'm
Expressing in polyphony

And it's begging me
To refrain
And it's lifting me
Like a crane

Away from me, my love
I don't mean to alarm you
It came from up above
It doesn't want to harm you

I'm feeling I can't turn away
From his gaze

The world goes down
and 'round and 'round

It star- (x4)



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