aquærium // DMT​​​-​​​572

by eccodroid





released July 30, 2018


all rights reserved



DMT Tapes FL Port Richey, Florida

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Track Name: roots to the ocean
tell it to the man i wanna go now
you wanna keep lying tho you wanna be right
this world and their rules will never fit my
colourful ideas
tell it to the man i wanna go now
don't wanna be a stranger
soaked in grace i'm gonna put down
my roots to the ocean...
my roots to the ocean...
Track Name: awaken, mandala
awaken, mandala, let's stir it up
honeycomb bomb mass hysteria
open third eye, don't even make sound
welcome to the promise land, alright!
awaken your dreams from Iberia
opened this hole now i bury it
you wanna be high, though your feet in the ground
let me take you to the sky, alright!

they calling it dreams, we don't wanna be asleep
places in mind they don't want you to see
awaken the stars in the sky of your will

oh, mandala...
Track Name: legado ancestral
siente el llamado de la madre al gritar
por esas grietas ella busca alertarte
de lo que hijo del hombre hace mal
tarde o temprano va a perjudicarte

lo que nos une con el arido mar
con los ancestros que bailaron mucho antes
de que la raza usurpara el lugar
y construyera ciudades gigantes

de la tierra crece...
de la tierra crece ya...

tampoco puede si no vas a escuchar
la madre tierra depende de sus hijos
y si mantienen el riego de mar
podre ofrecernos su tesoro mas limpio

paso del tiempo no puede marchitar
paso del tiempo, te hace mas sabio
paso del tiempo, un legado ancestral
paso del tiempo...
Track Name: caribbean delight
the world is waiting the caribbean delight
the biggest ghost ship that you could ever ride
the citizen would never understand
we sailing through the golden sky
we can't look back to the other way
the sea between the sky and the clouds
we sailing through the horizon

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